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Thunder VS Glass

*maaf klo anda terganggu dengan bahasa engrish saya, pesan saya: baca saja, klo anda paham maksud saya berarti daya imajinasi anda bagus. klo tidak ya ndak usah dilanjutkan bacanya.matur nuwun, pareeeeng.


In the night, after hard rain this evening, I look up the window and see that sky is yelling and throw his feeling. An anger person can only shout dirty word and maybe use their hand to make another people be painful. The sky have his own way to show his madness after the rain left him lonely. How strong the power of that thunder? no one know excatly. But there is a fact that not only human body can burned, a tree can turn into charcoal and even a house smashed to thousand pieces. Wow, again it`s make me realise that only Allah that can make such powerfull creature.

Still stuned with the power of thunder, can ignore that. Hehe, after you see this picture, you will think ` How could those thunder be so beutifull`. As thunder show his power, at that time he also make the night fulled by light. Different sensation, can`t be compare by sunlight.



After you read, my opinion about thunder, It`s your turn to describe this lovely and beutifull glass.



Gambar nyomot dari sini


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One thought on “Thunder VS Glass

  1. both r beautiful. looks like beauty don’t discriminate

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